Balanitis – inflammation of the glans penis, the post – an inflammation of the foreskin. These diseases are always accompanying each other, so they are likely to combine into a single term balanoposthitis.

The main reason for the development of balanoposthitis is a cluster of special substances – smegma under the foreskin, and infections. It occurs in people who do not pay enough attention to the toilet glans penis or suffering from phimosis. The reason balanoposthitis may become purulent urethritis, an allergic reaction, diabetes.

Balanoposthitis begins with the emergence of a sense of burning and itching of the glans penis, an unpleasant sensation at the opening of the foreskin. Also, there is pain or discomfort in the glans penis during sex, marked swelling and redness of the glans penis and foreskin. If the disease is caused by phimosis, from the preputial sac stands smegma pus or a foul odor. In some cases it may worsen the overall condition – appears weak, slightly increased body temperature. Due to the constant irritation of the glans penis, which is the primary erogenous zone in patients with balanoposthitis enhances sexual excitability.

It is necessarily being treated for balanoposthitis. If untreated, sometime later at the head of the penis there are numerous small ulcers (peptic balanoposthitis form) is accompanied by pain when walking, urination and sexual intercourse. Absent further treatment developed lymphangitis – inflammation of the lymphatic vessels of the penis, which manifests the appearance of red bands on its back surface. Can further develop inguinal lymphadenitis (inflammation of the inguinal lymph nodes), and gangrene of the penis.

If the disease has not reached the severe form, treatment is only in the regular thorough toilet glans penis with soap and water with weak hydrogen peroxide, potassium permanganate. In more severe cases, one has to resort to a course of antibiotic therapy. If the disease is caused by phimosis, it is necessary to prompt treatment. In the acute phase of inflammation carried minimal intervention – a longitudinal incision of the foreskin, and after decrease in severity of the foreskin is exposed to a circular excision (surgery circumcision).

Prevention balanoposthitis consists of regular toilet glans penis and foreskin (daily shower), and timely treatment of phimosis and other diseases that can complicate the development of balanoposthitis.

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