The term “rectocele” literally translated as “bag of the rectum”. This term refers to protrusion of the anterior rectal wall toward the vagina. There is a disease in women, usually after severe, traumatic childbirth. Contributing factors are hard physical labor, obesity, weakness device that supports the pelvic organs. Rectocele – a frequent pathology that occurs in nearly one in two women seeking to proctology.

The biggest complaint in this disease is constipation. Defecation is difficult, there is a feeling of incomplete emptying of the rectum, feeling disappears compression straining. Rectocele can be a major, and sometimes – the only cause of persistent constipation. Many in this notice, the intestines, “triggered” if the support or press your fingers on the back wall of the vagina or on the sides of the anus.

Disease is based on the difference the front portion of levator anus, as well as the weakening of the muscular frame of the perineum and recto-vaginal septum. In fact, there is option of vaginal hernia, when the weakened wall between the gut and the vagina, instead of straining to “work” on the evacuation of the intestine, protrudes into the vagina, “suppressing” defecation. Inconsistency of the pelvic floor muscles leads not only to the above complaints, but also in urinary incontinence during stress (coughing, sneezing), to problems in the sexual sphere.

In the initial stages of the disease shows the conservative methods of treatment: a special diet, physiotherapy, including anal gymnastics, physiotherapy, etc. In some cases, this has the effect, but often the disease progresses. The actual recovery gives transaction. During surgery stapled torn material portion of the pelvic muscles (the so-called levator), which allows to restore the normal anatomic relationship between the musculo-fascial structures of the pelvic floor.

Approach to treatment of diseases of the perineum must be comprehensive. In the presence of comorbidity (hemorrhoids, anal fissure, polyps, etc.) is performed simultaneously operative correction of them. Usually already in the first chair for 2-3 days after the operation patients notice a change in a chair, his ease and efficiency. Patients tolerate this operation is relatively easy, the second day walk, the hospital shall, as a rule, no more than 2-3 days.

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