Hemorrhoids – a disease prevalent among the adult population of all countries. According to statistics, this diagnosis is 20-25% of the adult population. The most likely rise to hemorrhoids people aged 25-50 years, then there are people of working age. Although hemorrhoids are more common in men, most women seek the help of a doctor at the first sign of disease. Main symptoms: itching, recurrent bleeding during bowel movements, foreign body sensation in the rectum, discomfort, loss of nodes.

Hemorrhoids may be caused by constipation, sedentary lifestyle, alcohol, pregnancy and other factors. Although hemorrhoids are not a serious illness, should not lightly to his treatment. Symptoms of colon cancer may resemble the early stages of hemorrhoids. Herein lays the greatest danger to miss the most effective time to treat this terrible disease. Therefore, in the case of the first symptoms should immediately seek medical attention.

Feeling some discomfort in the rectal area, and observing the discharge of blood, people, especially men, put off a visit to the doctor. This may be due to fear of the patient to be seriously ill, and even when symptoms are noticeable progress when discharge of blood ceases abundant, frequent constipation and appetite vanishes, many patients are hoping that the disease will pass by itself.

Thanks to modern medicines and medical devices, hemorrhoids can be treated almost in all four stages of the disease. Today, apart from operations in the arsenal of doctors a set of minimally invasive (non-surgical) treatments. The most common among them is compression. This method at first glance appears to be most acceptable, but its effectiveness, as well as other minimally invasive techniques, lower than surgical removal.

Conservative methods of treatment (hygiene, bath, candles, and diet) and methods of traditional medicine help only the very early stages of the disease. They do not eliminate the causes of hemorrhoids – hemorrhoid tissue (nodes) that are under the influence of herbs, candles and other unconventional methods can neither disappear nor diminish. Huge impact on the treatment process is the stage of the disease. That is, the sooner you contact your doctor, the easier it will be treated.

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