Paraphimosis – a condition in which the foreskin is placed over the penis and close the head does not seem possible.

Complication can be both congenital and acquired. The most frequently encountered in primary syphilis and genital allergies, but mostly paraphimosis occurs during sexual trauma during intercourse or masturbation. A vicious circle: compression increases the swelling and edema, in turn, increases the compression. If time does not return the foreskin in place for prolonged infringement may develop necrosis of the restraining ring and partly the glans penis.? There is severe pain, difficult urination, and swelling increases the glans penis and foreskin, the head increases in volume, even more breaks hemodynamic.

Diagnosis is usually not difficult and is detected by visual inspection at the reception of the surgeon or urologist.

Treatment for paraphimosis may be a bloodless and quick. Bloodless method is to manually reposition the glans penis in prejudicing the ring. For this purpose, lubricated penis with Vaseline and middle finger of both hands tightly cover the penis below the restraining ring. At the same time, his thumb trying to move the head member of prejudicing the ring while pulling on her foreskin. If this manipulation is unsuccessful, you should cut prejudicing the ring and move the foreskin over the glans penis.

If the causes of the prejudice associated with phimosis, then in order to prevent occurrence of repeated abuses justified surgery – circumcision (excision of the prepuce).

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